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Online COVID-19 Screening Tool

Quickly Assess Employees & Customers with COVID-19 Screening Questions Through Your Contact-Tracing App

The Online COVID-19 Screening Tool is based on re-opening guidelines issued from Public Health Officials and is designed to provide an affordable and practical means of ensuring the safety of your clients, employees, and visitors.

  • Up and running in less than 15 minutes
  • Screen visitors, customers, employees, or members of your organization quickly, safely, and effectively, for only $79.95 per month
  • Automatic Q/R Codes let your customers, employees, and members use their smartphones to check-in, minimizing person-to-person contact

How it works


Display Your QR Code

Customers Scan using Smartphones

Complete a Screener

Customers fill out a Screener

Confirm Answers

Staff Reviews Customer Response

The Screener Tool is a turn-key e-commerce Software as a Service product that seeks to assist in the safe restart of businesses and services in accordance with the Reopening Ontario Act, 2020. It allows businesses to launch their own private contact-tracing app, branded to their business - in minutes - and begin to automate contact-tracing in compliance with this legislation.
The cost per online screening tool is $79.95 a month and there are no limits on the number of guests or employees that can be tracked.

There are two components to the COVID-19 Screener Tool: the ecommerce SaaS signup, which can be customized and completed in minutes, and a public-facing Screener app with QR code generator that allows guests visiting any establishment, restaurant, community center, or place of business to scan the QR code and complete their screening using their phone.
Nothing to clean, nothing to sanitize. Records securely stored.
Our online screening tool is developed to be as easy and intuitive as possible for your administrators and users. Guests or employees complete the form in seconds using any mobile device that has an Internet connection, are assigned a unique identifier, and can have their record amended by a system administrator (should the business be recording temperature).
Records are stored within the system for 30 days and automatically destroyed after that time. Should the records be needed, the Customer log can be saved as an Excel file in compliance with O Reg 263/20 and By-law 847-2020.
All data is stored in a SSAE 16 certified Data Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All border-security, systems access, firewall policy, 24/7 monitoring and health status-checking are fully managed.